Set Design and Production together with Heike Huempfner
Theater Drachengasse, Vienna AT

The play “Andorra” written by Max Frisch revolves around the young Andri, told to be the Jewish adoptive son of a teacher, who tells to have rescued him from the anti-Semitic neighbors. During the play it gets revealed that Andri’s origin was a lie, but no one in town wants to believe it anymore. He becomes the victim of anti- Semitic harassment by the fellow citizens. Finally, the tragedy ends with Andri being killed by invading troops because of his faith.

The entire play takes place within several indoor situations and the main city square of Andorra. The spatial limitations of the stage asked for a simple solution, allowing several entrances and configurations. Through a set of fixed and movable walls and furniture, the stage was able to adhere to the change of scenes and locations of the play. Eliminating blackouts, all sets where configured by the actors on stage, and transformed throughout the play.

Directed by Miriam Ohlmeyer und Kieana Shirzadeh Semsar

Writing, Finance: Kiki Ludvik
Light: Lucy Schreiber
Press: Luisa Lutter und Johannes Ayrle
Grafic: Dwayne Shepherd
Sound: Silvius Sonvilla

Actors: Isabelle Bonin, Simon Conrady, Sabine Hödl, Corvin Hummer, Charlotte Kallenberg, Max Konrad, Gustav Kortenhaus, Skye MacDonald, Catarina Pfeffer, Lola Peuerböck, Julia Katharina Schmidt, Wieda Shirzadeh Semsar, Alma Sonvilla,Silvius Sonvilla, Herik Thomas, David Rathbauer

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