Princeton University, SoA

Spring 2020

Alejandro Zaera-Polo

This project tries to investigate the infrastructural difficulties of COVID-19 testing facilities in the beginning of the pandemic by looking at the lacking distribution of hospitals and emergency facilities in New York. By occupying unused spaces around highway bridges and traffic islands ‘Anonymous Health Services’ try to facilitate health services whose patients do not necessarily want to be followed or seen by the public. By being placed in a labyrinth like park structure, health services like abortion clinics and safe injection facilities could provide safe entrance for their patients. Through the configuration of pathways and small plazas divided by walls and planted hedges, tight corners and path crossings it is possible to navigate safely and unfollowed through the park. Through the opening and closing of specific corridors and entrances, the structures can adapt to different social distancing guidelines, configurating safe entrance for both healthcare workers and people getting tested.

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