with Mikkel Sebastian Rostrup, research with Jean Makhlouta 

Academy of Fine Arts, IKA, Vienna, AT
Fall 2016
Lisa Schmidt-Colinet
Daniela Herold

Like no other programme, housing articulates the intersection between architecture and the city. This semester, the design studio in history theory criticism (HTC) will work on the relationships between city planning and housing production, domestic and urban life, and between the retreat of the individual and the articulation of a collective. This year, the city of vienna launched the process for developing the IBA Vienna, the international housing exhibition that takes place in 2022. the IBA addresses Vienna’s population growth, as well as the economic developments that affect the relationship between income and cost of living in our society. The volume of housing planned by the city will have a significant impact on the urban fabric. Within the ongoing process of IBA Vienna, we seek more leeway to formulate different positions of housing vis-à-vis the city. Any communal space in housing, as well as its relationship with the city, is shaped by different ideas on living, which are driven by larger economic and political interests. Comparing historical and contemporary housing projects by tracing the transitions between individual living and collective spaces – the relationship of the most intimate unit with spaces of negotiation, with the city – reveals how differently such communal spaces are formed.
The ‘Local Community Area’ by Riken Yamamoto is a theoretical approach towards a new idea of housing concepts. It is based on an entirely new system enabling collective living of 500 individuals together to form a social community.
In order to change the housing behavior, the space of common areas are increased as much as possible. Things and equipment that are for the exclusive use of the individuals are reduced to a minimum; using shared facilities, people live lives free of encumbrances.
Deriving from this observation, a conceptual approach towards a minimum housing, a shared court and a fine transmission between public and private was developed.

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