Academy of Fine Arts - IKA, ecology sustainability culural heritage, Vienna AT
Spring 2016
Hannes Stiefel
Luciano Parodi

Future environments of or for architectural education will be fictitious and performative. The point of interest is in processing and transcribing fantastic realities into the architectural realm.

The relationship between contemporary architecture and diverse forms of media is fluid and reciprocal rather than oppositional. The project asked to challenge this relationship and interpret it into the contemporary city in the form of a public library of architecture. Flux conceives architectural education not as a linear procedure, more like a fluid process of self-studying individuals. The idea of a library for architecture asks for a method of representing data, a registry as well as the possibility of initiating an interest to a further developed work. The architectural library is subdivided in three main interfaces for research according to the activities: a space for receiving representational methodologies, developmental workshops and laboratories, a central cluster, and a registry that saves all the output, expanding above an open park and public leisure area.

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