with Sonia Sobrino Ralston, Chase Galis, Christina Moushoul

Harvard - ARTS FIRST Festival

Spring 2022


Garden parties often take clean white linens and cocktail tables as the central figures of their infrastructure. In 1915 just outside of Holworthy Hall, in fact, an article in the Harvard Crimson called on students to “join the biggest and best Garden Party ever attempted.” In this audiovisual media installation in a reusable scaffolding structure, plants are instead treated as the guests of honour rather than the backdrop. With music designed for the enjoyment of plants and light complementing their biotic needs, this temporary installation thinks on what it means to hold a party for a non-human audience: rather than holding a party for people in a garden, the party is held for the garden’s plants.

© Copyright Simon Lesina-Debiasi 2020