with Maeliosa Barstow and Chris Myefski

From hell, to outer space, to deserts, and oceans, stories of monsters have historically been used to explain and mediate our relationship to the unknown. While depictions of monsters have changed over time, across cultures and time periods commonalities in their imagery and settings have created and informed monstrous tropes and monstrous worlds. The formation of the monster is inherently linked to the spaces they inhabit. Larger environments inform different types of monsters and inform relationships of fear, and architecture can begin to show how the intimate space of the monstrous or horror is often more common than alien. The manifestation of horror thus comes about through the reciprocal relationship between monster and place: it is not just the monster we fear: it is the space under the bed, the forest at night, or the pit in the basement.

© Copyright Simon Lesina-Debiasi 2020