Academy of Fine Arts - IKA, Vienna AT
Spring 2014
Daniela Herold
Antje Lehn 

The aim of this studio was the analyzation of the transitory space, the interface between the dwelling and the public life. We considered the scenarios, the different sequences defining the transition in between inside and outside as a process through spatial experiences. This change of the environment from a living to a public space is the place and the moment where we try to adapt our behavior and perception to the conditions on the other side. The starting point was to analyze entrance situations in historic and contemporary dwellings, in order to understand the threshold of the transition. Through this analyzation of the different situations, we were asked to formulate a transit space for a protagonist which supports the outward movement on a functional as well as a metaphorical level.

The Studio Extension is a transitional space, located in a studio for architecture students on the second floor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The structure is hanging down from the high sealings to keep the atelier space as free as possible. In addition it offers a dedicated area for presentations with direct access from the studio space, and separately accessible kitchenette and resting areas within the suspended volume.

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