Princeton University, SoA
Fall 2018
Erin Besler
Michael Meredith

‘WYSIWYG’ is an experimental
approach of combining questions of
retail consumerism and temporary
nature of housing. It combines
used furniture purchase and retail
options, while also incorporating a
cheap housing opportunity inside
the storefront. Customers can easily
see the desired furniture pieces on
display and in use by the inhabitant
of the store. The outdoor area offers
3 zones, one for selling furniture, one
for purchasing furniture, and one
for access to the roof terrace. The
friendly assistant in form of a teddy
bear, will transport not only the
furniture in and out of the display
apartment, but will also carry visitors
up to the roof. ‘WYSIWYG’ takes
the idea of the staged department
store and minimal rental apartments
to an extreme, questioning how
much privacy and agency can be
purchased, how much representation
and marketing can sell, and to what
extend it manipulates our comfort
in both, the role of the private
individual and the public consumer.

© Copyright Simon Lesina-Debiasi 2020